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Group Classes

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Ready to take your dog out into the world? Pawsitive Partners has a class perfect for your dog. Group classes can strengthen your relationship with your dog as well as teach your dog to listen to you with distractions. No matter what your dog's experience level, Pawsitive Partners has something to offer.

Puppy Parties: Want a well-socialized puppy that bravely ventures where no dog has gone before? Then get your new puppy off to the right start! All of the neural pathways that your pup will ever have are established by the time they are 16 weeks old. That means they need to see everything you don’t want them to be afraid of by that age.  Puppy parties focus on developing well-socialized pups by teaching them to socialize with other dogs and people, tolerate invasive handling such as nail trimming and grooming, and handle situations that they may find scary such as umbrellas, sunglasses, beards and hats.  Open to puppies ages 6-14 weeks, puppy parties happen in your home! These six week classes rotate five dogs through the homes of each dog in the class, teaching dogs how to behave at other homes and how to welcome other dogs into their homes. Must provide vaccination records for all dogs living in your home.

Basic Manners:
It doesn’t take Miss Manners to teach your dog how to be a better companion. For any dog 16 weeks and older without previous training, the Basic Manners class teaches dogs the skills they need to live in the world. Sit, stay, come when called, go to your bed, don’t pick up strange objects and proper greetings are just some of the skills covered in this eight-week course. No dogs at the first class. 

Crucial Canine Skills: The most commonly faced issues among owners are dogs that jump, refuse to come when called and pull on leash. This four-week class addresses those specific problems in detail, helping your dog become the companion you want.

Safety Skills: The biggest dangers facing your untrained dog are eating dangerous objects and bolting out the door into traffic. This one-night-only class addresses boundaries, recall and leave it so you can keep your dog safe, even if you don’t have time for an eight-week training class.

Canine Good Citizen: Is your dog ready for the next level? If they have completed a basic manners course, they just might be. The Canine Good Citizen test (if you click on Canine Good Citizen test here, it should link you to, an AKC certified test, measures your dog’s temperament and basic obedience skills. This 10-part test includes come, sit, stay, greetings and grooming, to name a few. After five weeks of preparation, an AKC evaluator comes to the final class to test each dog. If your dog passes, you’ll get more than a high five. The AKC sends you a certificate – the first step to beginning your dog in therapy work such as visiting hospitals or letting everyone know that your “banned breed dog” is just as friendly as this Golden Retriever!

Therapy Class: Once you have passed the Canine Good Citizen test, you are ready to join a therapy organization. Those tests require additional skills that we will practice in a four-week therapy class. Learn what organizations are in the area and practice the skills required on their tests at rotating locations throughout the South Bay area. You will have no problem passing any test after this class!

Field Trip: If you’re ready to unleash your dog on the world, this is the class for you. For dogs who have completed at least one class with Pawsitive Partners, the Field Trip class takes your dog to six South Bay locations with up to five other dogs to learn real-life Starbucks skills. Locations include coffee shops, pet stores, restaurants and the Strand. Almost any dog can be a good Starbucks dog. Usually, they are just waiting for us to teach them what we expect.

To get started, call 310-872-7125 or email






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